Saddle Fitting

Being a horse rider myself I know how important it is for both the horse and rider to be comfortable and this is what I do my very best to achieve. Whether you want your existing saddle checked or if your looking for something different I can help. I have a range of second hand saddles and also have access to all the saddles available from Saddles Direct, I am also happy to recommend what would suit if you want to source the saddle yourself. I am able to do alterations on existing saddles most of which I am able to do on-site so that I can see the horse ridden again to make sure the adjustment is correct.

Saddle checks are charged at £30 per horse plus a call out fee which is charged at 50p per mile round trip from Heath & Reach. Group discount will be applied if more than 4 horses are booked in at the same time on the same yard and call out fee will be split between however many there are. If you are purchasing a saddle then you pay for the saddle plus the above call out fee. Depending what saddle you have I may even trade in your existing saddle if you end up needing to change it.

I can normally get you booked in within a couple of weeks for a saddle fitting and fitting hours are from 8am up until 8pm obviously in the winter we are short of light so make sure if you book a late slot that you have suitable lighting as I will need to see the horse ridden.

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