I have a fully functional workshop which was custom built by my uncle to my own specification meaning I am able to take on multiple different repairs and bespoke work easily. Although making new items is always fun, repairing old tack and leatherwork is very satisfying especially when you know it has sentimental value to the customer.

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Want something new or different? Not a problem get in contact so that we can arrange to have free consultation to go over your needs and if need be to arrange for me to come out to you so that I can measure up.

Have some leatherwork that needs repairing? Feel free to get in contact so that we can arrange a suitable time to drop it off- I like to get repairs in and out within a week to 10 days as I appreciate that you will often be without until repaired.


I have lots of different leather and fitting combinations so lots of choice! I only tend to use Sedgewick leather which is one of if not the best English leather on the current market so you know whatever you are having made will be quality, all of my leatherwork is hand stitched with the exception on large projects which will be done on my sewing machine.