About Us

Having been in the industry since 2004 I decided to start up my own business at the beginning of 2018 doing saddle fitting, leatherwork repairs and making bespoke items. Having left school at 16yrs old I was lucky enough to go straight into an apprenticeship to become a saddler which I did at R B Equestrian and went away to The Saddlery Training Centre in Wiltshire every other month for a week for an intense course and to take any necessary exams. I overlapped this training with also training to become a saddle fitter meaning by the time I was 21yrs old I had gained all the qualifications I needed.

I am a member of the society of Master Saddlers and I am a Society of Master Saddlers trained and qualified saddle fitter and saddler and have over 10 years of fitting experience. With horses there is always something to learn and I like to keep up to date with the latest research and development in both the horse and development of saddles and saddle fitting. I cover a range of different riding abilities ranging from those just getting into riding to advanced riders and even look after Para Riders- one of which is part of Team GB. I am able to carry out all sorts of repairs not just to equestrian based equipment but also to handbags, gun cases, chairs and much more. I am also able to make items from scratch and to your own specification. I have in the past made bespoke items for horses, dogs, camels, vintage cars and rocking horses.

Image1 I am fortunate enough to have had horses all my life as have many of my family members and my passion is for Showing which I am hoping my 6 month old Section D colt will be brilliant at. I have shown to County level and one of my favourite places to compete at is the Royal International. For me although its great to win it is also about personal achievement and knowing both the horse and myself done our best on the day, my mum who is possibly my biggest fan always use to give me a kiss as I was about to go in the ring and she would say “Good luck and just remember have a nice ride”.